Who We Are

ReComply is the leading and fastest growing provider of regulatory records management solutions. Our mission is to enable organizations to grow and profit while optimizing resource utilization and minimizing regulatory impact.

What We Do

The ReComply Records Management service enables organizations to manage and track their pollution prevention and energy efficiency "p2e2" - including air, waste and water.

How We Do It

ReComply has developed Cloud Computing that empowers an end-to-end pollution prevention process from reporting to reduction, across an organization and its value chain. This comprehensive approach enables organizations to establish a environmental, health and safety system to record, identify, prioritize, and track performance.

Recomply records management software is designed to foster a pro-active approach for companies of any size and budget. Easy to use ReComply.com will produce savings through: efficiencies in labor costs; mitigation of risks; reduced fines and penalties; minimized insurance premiums; an improved safety record; and an enhanced public image. More importantly, YOU can rest easy knowing your pollution prevention and energy efficiency "p2e2" requirements are in good order.

The nation's most effective organizations have realized that the complexity and rate of change of p2e2 requirements compels the creation of focused environmental, health and safety records management strategies...strategies that more than simply meet the minimum regulatory requirements, but establish a system of benchmarking, measurement, reporting and enhanced performance.

The ReComply's software platform is 100 percent web-based allowing users to easily access their system from any computer with an Internet connection. Core functionalities include:

  • Real-time reporting for instant, real-time reports and dashboards. Data can be rolled-up in real-time to multiple levels of records management to ensure nothing falls through the cracks.
  • Automated Processes Automated tracking, records management, and notification across multiple departments or locations eliminates the opportunity for human error and streamlines workflow processes.
  • Escalating Email notification "PirkAlerts" send automated escalating email notifications to individual employees, departments, or work groups responsible for specific tasks.
  • Multiple security levels define unique user-security settings to ensure only selected users have access to confidential information.
  • ReComply software is incredibly flexible and has been designed to offer the most effective features to help take time, money and worry out of managing your regulatory information.

Why It Matters Today

Effective p2e2 records management is now a business imperative. Management and optimization of natural resource consumption and output can't wait - and it must be highly transparent. In this new era, companies and organizations are leveraging new technologies, innovation, best practices and benchmarks to drive success and transform their business.

Our customers are making sustainability a profitable advantage by increasing operational efficiency, maximizing brand and stakeholder value, and managing risk. Now is the time to join these leading organizations in achieving compliance and savings at the same time.


The ReComply Recordkeeping System

Helps organizations to focus on key sustainability performance indicators that let the owner know how efficiently it operates with regard to regulatory requirements.

ReComply sustainability recordkeeping gives organizations the tools to track and report progress towards achieving sustainability goals.

ReComply services are an inexpensive solution designed to help organizations track various regulatory variables such as energy consumption and air emissions.

Demo Site Paperless Record Keeping

Internet-Based - The ReComply system is externally hosted so there is no additional client hardware or software required which minimizes recordkeeping concern and cost.

Automated PirkAlerts - Receive escalating email notifications of upcoming tasks.

Security Measures - The ReComply system is a role and permission-based software solution. Users only see what their security level allows them to see.

Reports - Reports are generated for internal analysis or to meet required regulatory programs, including independent third-party certification.

Document Storage - Upload and share supporting documentation that can be reviewed by verifiers and other interested parties for up to 40-years.

Multiple Facilities - ReComply can accommodate any organization . . . . . simple enough for one facility and one user, yet robust and comprehensive enough for thousands of facilities and thousands of users.

Emissions Management - Organizations can create and track their own emissions inventory and drill down through business units, emission sources, and facilities to get the detail they need.


Sustainability Support 

Environment and Economy - a.k.a. sustainability is a rising priority for companies as investors, customers, government and stakeholders look at observing new regulations.

The monitoring of user-validated, high-performance sustainability recordkeeping helps to uncover short and long-term opportunities to minimize risk management.

ReComply recordkeeping helps organizations with pollution prevention and energy efficiency "p2e2" by providing visibility into asset utilization, identifying cost reduction opportunities and linking to systems to monitor operating performance.

Strong sustainability performance equates to tangible value for an organization in terms of cost savings, operational efficiencies, risk management and brand value, across every area of the business.

Sustainability management makes it easy to plan, measure, analyze, act and report on information relevant to a range of stakeholders including suppliers, manufacturers, regulators, partners, employees, clients and investors.


Customer Support & Training

The following customer support and training services are provided to help you maximize the power of recomply solutions.

ReComply supports its customers with a dedicated staff of experienced professionals who are available to help you get the maximum benefit from your ReComply solution through:

  • Online help and training
  • 24/7 access to records and reports
  • Video support available 24/7/365 online
  • Email support: erc@ReComply.com
  • Email Orientation designed for operations managers and others who are responsible for improving operational efficiency and mitigating risk using ReComply pollution prevention and energy efficiency management applications.

Collaborative Portals - All ReComply clients receive a secure login to access free training resources, user support, download reports, dashboards and scorecards.

Click here to view a demo site of our ReComply records management System. For customer service call 1-888-553-5186, email erc@recomply.com



Regardless of why your company is looking for on-line record storage, it is important to remember that the company you selected to work with is an extension of your staff. You have to trust their organizational skills and abilities, personnel, equipment, and commitment to your company’s well-being. Whether you have 5 records or 50,000 records it is important to choose a partner that can effectively handle your business and is a positive asset to your workflow. For over 20 years, ReComply has been offering on-line records management solutions to large and small businesses from the regulatory community, automotive industry, accounting firms, law firms, banks, public entities, non-profits, and environmental, health and safety companies. This is why our clients put their trust in ReComply. 

Customer Service

Our customer service representatives and staff members understand that quality communication is what promotes a healthy business relationship. With ReComply you are more than a number, we take pride helping our customers succeed in their community. Your information is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In the event of an inspection we can have your information instantly, guaranteed. Flexibility, reliability and care are what separate us from our competition. 

Record Keeping Control

ReComply utilizes industry leading records management software. This method of accounting allows us to operate with 100% accuracy and maintain a transaction log of every movement that takes place in our system. Every record is coded with a unique control number and copied to a secured file location. Our clients can manage their account, view report history, as well as request file copies and reports via our secure customer access program. Our software uses file encryption software to track information during facility operations and provide customers with receipts and electronic signatures. We can monitor all of your vital information down to a piece of paper through our secure records management system. 

On-Line Storage

At ReComply, our client’s security is our main objective. We have taken every precaution to ensure that records are protected against Phishing, Bait and Switch Attack, Denial of Service (DoS\DDoS) Attacks, Cookie Theft, Viruses and Trojans. 

With ReComply, you automatically get 5GB of free ReComply storage for your certificates, drawings, photos, files, and more. If you want more storage and premium features, you can upgrade to ReComply+ from any of your devices. 

Upgrade to ReComply+ 

ReComply+ is our premium cloud subscription service. It gives you more storage for your files, and backups, as well as additional features. 

You can choose from 4 plans

 After you upgrade, your storage and features are available immediately, and your monthly payment date reflects the purchase date for your plan. If you upgrade from one paid plan to another, we’ll cancel your existing plan and charge you the prorated cost of your new, larger plan.

our ReComply+ renews automatically each month unless you downgrade or cancel your plan prior to the subscription renewal date.