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RecsLock Advanced

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RecsLock Advanced Provides

  • Online Document Storage - Keeps all permits, licenses, training files and other documents online, in one place, and always available.
  • Recslock PirkAlert system - Email alert system to keep key employees aware of upcoming tasks and duties, such as inspections and trainings.
  • Permit Conditions Alert - Alerts key employees of upcoming permit expirations so renewals can happen timely.
  • Regulatory Updates Alert - Alerts key employees of upcoming regulatory requirements such as annual reports.
  • Compliance Enforcement Surveillance - Keeps key employees aware of upcoming regulatory changes and new implementation.
  • RecsLock Privacy Monitoring - Users only see what their security level allows them to see.
  • Subscription Service Support - 24/7/365 video support; phone support.
  • Online Inspection Templates - Online inspections for Safety, Stormwater and more.
  • Manifest Tracking Documents - Manifests stored online to be compliant with EPA regulations
  • eManifest Data Monitoring - Monitoring of eManifest data to maintain compliance.


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